The Rise of the Latino Nones: How Secular Latinos will Shape the Future of American Secularism

Recent surveys show that the percentage of nonreligious Latinos is approaching that of the U.S. general population, indicating that Latinos are major contributors to the rise of Nones in the United States in recent years. One of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the country, Latino Americans comprise 17 percent of the U.S. population and are expected to account for nearly 30 percent of the population by 2060, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. An increase in secular identity among Latinos bodes well for the future growth of the secular movement.

Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, one of the leading researchers of Latino secularism, explores how this traditionally Catholic group has started turning secular at a very rapid pace. Focusing on public opinion surveys and other political data, Dr. Navarro-Rivera shows Latino nones are influencing Latino political behavior, leading the charge for Latino support for culture war issues such as same-sex marriage and reproductive rights, and for a more equitable and economically fair America.